Dermacort Cream Reviews: Price, Free trial, Side effects and Scam


Every woman wants the fountain of youth so that she can keep herself looking young forever. But it is the bitter truth of life that as soon as women reach their late 30’s they start to see their worst fears come true in the form of fine lines that later turn into wrinkles. There is no shortage of anti-aging creams, serums and face masks that claim to fight skin wrinkling and restore a healthy younger looking skin. But they rarely do anything to stop the aging process and women end up wasting their time and money switching from one product to another.

We have reviewed plenty of anti-aging formulas in the past and we have had mixed results. But recent research in stem cell technology has given rise to a newer kind of anti-aging products that claim to use stem cells from Swiss apples to reverse aging and even delay aging for a long period of time. Now there aren’t a lot of stem cell-based skin care products in the market at the moment because this technology is fairly recent. But we did manage to find one cream that claims to contain Dermacorts as a key ingredient and we are going to review it in detail.

What is Dermacort Anti Aging Cream?

It is categorized as an organic skincare product and the manufacturer claims that this product can overcome wrinkles as well as other effects of aging including dryness and lack of elasticity in the skin. Being a natural formula this product is sold as an over the counter product without the need for an approval from a dermatologist. Since this cream isn’t a medicinal item, therefore, it is not approved by the FDA. The product is obviously meant to be used by women only as a face cream according to the instructions provided by the label of the product. Interestingly this cream claims that it is suitable for all kinds of skin types but we highly doubt that because women with a sensitive skin should be careful when trying out new products.

The formula is sold in a transparent container and you only have an option of 28-gram container to buy. Speaking of buying this product is not being sold in any store or pharmacy so keep that in mind to avoid getting a fake copy of this cream. According to our research, the only place you can buy this cream from is the official website of the product by applying for your container. One thing you notice is that this product doesn’t contain any mention of a company which is because it is a new product and the company selling it has launched its first product.

How does Dermacort Anti Aging Cream Work?

The functioning of this product is complicated and it took us a while to fully understand the working process explained by the official website of the supplement. The best way to understand how this cream works is by first being familiar with the aging process and its effects on your skin. Our skin is a very important organ that protects us from the environment and therefore overtime our skin needs to repair itself in order to keep it healthy. But aging causes our body to reduce the production of elements necessary for the healthy skin repair process. When our skin is not replacing dead skin cells as well as it should it becomes wrinkly and dehydrated because the protective layer that holds the moisture in the skin is damaged.

The way this cream claims to help is by rejuvenating the skin with the help of powerful natural yet advanced ingredients. It promotes collagen production in the skin by providing necessary nutrition that our body has stopped producing and collagen then helps rebuild the damaged skin over time. It also stimulates the speedy recovery of the skin by activating the cells with the help of its stem cell formula which we will discuss in detail in the next section.

Ingredients of Dermacort Anti Aging Cream

Dermacorts: This is the most hyped up ingredient in the skincare industry at the moment yet most people don’t know about it so let us give you a quick overview of this key ingredient. These cells are extracted from Swiss apples that are known for their ability to retain their freshness for long periods of time. And these stem cells possess the ability to stimulate human skin cells so that they can regrow themselves just like plants can regrow their branches. Although there have been some studies to test the effect of Dermacorts on human skin cells but there is a lot of room for research until we can say for certain that this ingredient actually improves skin health.

Benefits of using Dermacort Anti Aging Cream

  1. Does not contain any additives or harmful chemicals that would harm your skin.
  2. Contains apple skin cell formula which is the most cutting edge breakthrough ingredient in the skin care market.

Problems with Dermacort Anti Aging Cream

  1. Complete ingredients of this product are unknown therefore the risk of getting an allergic reaction to a hidden ingredient is there.
  2. Product is not sold in any shop or outlet which is bad news for people who are not comfortable buying online.

Is Dermacort Anti Aging Cream Worth Buying?

This question is on every woman’s mind lately and by reading this article their confusion should have been solved significantly. But when it comes to our own views about this product we are not too sure about this product’s affectivity. Although the stem cell technology is a real deal but its effects on skin repair are not very well known meaning the science behind the cream isn’t very solid.

Where to buy Dermacort Anti Aging Cream?

If you plan on buying this cream your only choice is to go and order it off of the main website of the product.


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