Envy Naturals Keto Pills a shark tank hoax: Read real reviews

envy naturals keto

It isn’t easy to find a weight loss product that suits you because of the sheer number of choices you have in weight loss supplements. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are so many scams in the fitness industry that it becomes difficult to trust a product. That is why we are reviewing various fitness products in order to find out if they are legit or just a waste of time. And recently we came across a new kind of supplements called keto diet supplements which are really popular in mainstream media these days and even shows like shark tank are featuring these keto supplements. With all this hype around these supplements, we had to find out if they are really any good or not.

So this review is going to focus on a keto diet supplement that has an added bonus of being a natural formula. Since we can’t possibly review all of the keto diet supplements in the market, we decided to review this one so you can have a general idea about how keto diet products work. By the end of this review, we hope you will know what to look for and what to watch out for when buying a keto diet supplement.

What is Envy Naturals Keto Fat Burning Supplement?

In its most basic form, it is a weight loss supplement that promises to help in weight loss. The good thing about this supplement is that unlike most of the supplements this one is completely natural. Now we aren’t saying that natural supplements are necessarily better. In fact, herbal products are not really known for their effectiveness. So we had to review this product’s formula in detail in order to find out if it is any good. And this article will cover every aspect of the supplement in detail, so keep reading this review. But as far as the introductions are concerned, this product is a relatively new entry to the industry. The company selling this product seems to be a brand new one as well, and it seems like it is their first venture, so the bottom line is this product doesn’t come from a well-known company.

The goal of the company is to provide a low-cost natural weight loss solution to its users. One key point that you can’t miss about this supplement is that it is designed specifically for keto dieters or people who are trying to get into a ketosis state. Another distinct feature of this product is that it is sold as pills and you can only buy it from the official website of the supplement. Like we said this is a relatively new product, so there isn’t a lot of information available about it, so let’s move on to the next section about how this product helps you lose weight.

How does Envy Naturals Keto Fat Burning Supplement Works?

Well, there isn’t any magic going on here, and this product isn’t a miracle pill either. The way this product claims to help you burn fat is by putting your body in a state of ketosis. Ketosis is an evolutionary mechanism of our body that prevents us from starvation during the times of food shortage. So whenever our body is getting less than enough food, ketosis helps the body fuel itself by burning fat that is stored in the body. Of course, this is a temporary state that goes away as soon as we start eating normally again. And triggering ketosis during normal conditions is obviously not possible, and you have to fast pretty long in order actually to stay in ketosis.

That is where this product claims to help with its herbal formula that provides the conditions needed for you to stay in ketosis without having to fast. Not only does this product promises to put you in ketosis but it also claims to help maintain it for long periods of time and keep burning excess fats. Now we know some of these claims are too good to be true and you are not wrong. Studies have shown that it is not possible to go into ketosis using pills or anything similar like supplements etc. So by far, this product doesn’t seem to fit into the criteria of an authentic weight loss product.

Ingredients of  Envy Naturals Keto Fat Burning Supplement

This product doesn’t provide a complete list of ingredients for its formula, unfortunately. But we did manage to get the information regarding one key ingredient of this pill, which is as follows:

Exogenous Ketones or BHB: You might have heard about this ingredient because it is being used in almost every keto diet supplement. People use exogenous ketones in hopes of going into ketosis because they are very similar to endogenous ketones that our body releases when it is in ketosis.

BHB is very similar to ketones produces in our body naturally, but the thing is there aren’t any evidence or studies that prove the possibility of reaching ketosis using exogenous BHB. We can only assume that this product contains other ingredients that are actually effective in causing weight loss. But as far as BHB is concerned, we are not sure if it is possible to lose weight with the help of this ingredient.

Claimed benefits of Envy Naturals Keto Fat Burning Supplement

There are some interesting benefits of this product on the official website of this supplement which we aren’t sure if they are true or not. But regardless we will list them below even though they are not proven or tested in any way.

  1. Does not contain any chemical making it safe to use for weight loss purposes.
  2. Helps your body go into ketosis without fasting or starving yourself.
  3. User reviews of this product are really positive, and users have already benefited from its weight loss abilities.


After reviewing this product in detail, we have concluded that although it claims to be a herbal supplement, there isn’t enough evidence that supports its claims of aiding weight loss. So we would not recommend buying this product just yet.


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