Forskolin 500 Weight Loss side effects, uses, price and user Reviews

forskolin 500

So you have been feeling a bit on the heavier side lately and want to lose some weight. But you fear that losing weight and cutting down on your diet might affect your muscle growth and reduce the muscle mass that you have worked so hard to gain. Every fitness enthusiasts worst nightmare is losing the progress they have made over a period of months even years. Maybe you have been busy and couldn’t take out time to work out or you had a little too much to eat during the holiday season. Either way, it doesn’t take much to get a layer of fat over your muscular physique.

Well if you want to maintain a good muscle mass while losing weight there are a few ways you can achieve that and one of them is by using Forskolin based supplements. As compared to regular supplements Forskolin based ones have a unique ability to cut down on your weight without affecting your overall athletic physique. This quality comes especially handy for athletes who are trying to lose weight either to stay in a certain weight category or to improve their overall performance. But just like other forms of supplements Forskolin based products are also criticized for not doing what they claim to and today we are going to review a Forskolin supplement to find out if the rumors are true.

What is Forskolin 500 Weight Loss Supplement?

As the name suggests this is a Forskolin based product and it is obvious that this supplement uses Forskolin plant extracts as its main ingredient. If you don’t know what Forskolin is then don’t worry because we will explain it for you in complete detail. We are not sure what the 500 stands for in this product’s name but we are assuming it means the product has each capsule of 500mg. Yes, this supplement doesn’t come as bad tasting powders or shakes that you have to drink instead it takes an innovative approach and comes as pills. But it isn’t a new thing, in fact, there are plenty of pill based weight loss products being sold in the market.

According to the company, this product is designed to help you lose weight without worrying about side effects or losing muscle mass since it is a herbal product with herbal ingredients. The buying process of this product is also pretty unique because you can only buy it from the official website. Moreover, the product also doesn’t require any prescription and it is categorized as an over the counter supplement. The product’s container is not too special and each bottle contains 60 pills of 500mg each. There is only one size bottle that this product comes in and there isn’t a lot of choices in sizes.

How does Forskolin 500 Weight Loss Supplement Works?

Well, it wasn’t easy but we managed to get the information on how this product claims to burn fat without reducing muscle mass. As we mentioned at the start that weight gain occurs due to excessive calories intake. If we eat too much food that our body can not burn it stores it as fat that causes us to gain weight. Normally when we are dieting we limit our food intake which helps in reducing fat buildup but it also affects our muscle mass because muscles need nutrition to maintain themselves.

Well, that is where this product claims to maintain muscles while burning fat by metabolizing fats in such a way that they are used as food and thus keeps your muscles from starving. This supplement claims to stimulate the production of lipase and adenylate cyclase. Both of these enzymes are known to extract fat stored in the cells of the body in the form of fatty acids and burn them to fuel the bodily functions. Since this product only targets fatty acids and not the regular fats it is extremely useful for people who are trying to maintain a healthy muscle mass while burning excess fat.

Ingredients of Forskolin 500 Weight Loss Supplement

It is not a surprise that this pill uses Forskolin as its main ingredient so let’s get a brief intro of this ingredient and see what the research says about this ingredient’s affectivity.

Forskolin: This ingredient is taken from the roots of a plant called coleus that is native to Asia. In traditional medicine, this root was used as a treatment for asthma but modern supplements use it for its weight loss abilities. But unfortunately, the scientific backing for this herb’s weight loss properties isn’t too high. In fact, there have been only a few studies that were conducted to test the fat loss properties of this ingredient and none of them were able to prove the relation between Forskolin and weight loss.

So there is still plenty of room for research to settle the debate of Forskolin and weight loss once and for all. But for now, the evidence shows that this ingredient doesn’t contain what it takes to cause weight loss. But there is some evidence that Forskolin has other health benefits it’s not that this herb is useless it’s just that people are using it to treat the wrong health issues.

Company Claimed Benefits of Forskolin 500 Weight Loss Supplement

We have used the word claimed benefits because this product’s benefits aren’t proven or tested. So we are only going to list these claimed benefits here so you don’t have to visit the official website of the product just to find out the claimed benefits.

  1. Does not cause any side effects due to its Forskolin based natural formula with no chemical additives.
  2. Helps you maintain your healthy muscle mass while fighting obesity.
  3. Easy to use and made in a state of the art manufacturing facility.

Cons of using Forskolin 500 Weight Loss Supplement

  1. This product hasn’t highlighted any potential side effects so you might run into some unforeseen issues after using this product.
  2. We don’t know the complete list of ingredients for this product which means we can’t know it uses chemicals in its formula or not.


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