IntelliBoost IQ: Smart Pill Review: Ingredients, Scam, Price & Trial

IntelliBoost IQ

Your body is totally dependent on your brain to perform various functions and carry out everyday tasks. In short, your brain has to be work around the clock to make sure we do everything properly be it professional work or personal business. But considering how important the brain is for our survival it is often overlooked we take care of our body by eating healthy and exercising but do we ever care for our brain the same way? Your answer is probably in no, and you are not alone; we are sure most people would have a similar answer.

So what happens when you don’t take care of your mental health along with your physical health? You can lose the ability to memorize things properly, lose your focus, and sometimes you can even become confused during stressful situations. Most people start to experience these cognitive problems as they reach the age of 40 and it is known as cognitive decline. But thanks to new age research this process of cognitive decline might be preventable, and we are going to take a look at a potential solution in this article.

What is IntelliBoost IQ: All-Natural Smart Pill?

The best way to describe this product is that it is categorized as a nootropic supplement designed to improve the mental abilities such as sharpening the memory and increasing the focus. There are a lot of similar products being sold in the market but what makes this one unique is that it is made from all natural herbal ingredients. Reason for all natural formula of this product might be because people are becoming very conscious about synthetic products and they are shifting towards more organic alternatives.

Moreover, this product is not your typical nootropic being sold in the supplement section of the store. The only way to buy this supplement is by placing an order on the official website of the product which ensures that you are receiving the real product. Another key feature of this product is it is being sold with the promise of no side effects, but we are definitely going to get to the bottom of this claim. The packaging of this product is solid; it comes in a bottle containing 60 capsules per bottle which is a decent amount and can easily last a whole month.

How does IntelliBoost IQ: All-Natural Smart Pill Work?

In order to understand how this product works, we need to understand what are the key causes of age-related mental weakness which this pill is designed to overcome. According to studies, our brain starts to shrink as we age which means that the process of cell generation slows down making it difficult to replace the lost neurotransmitters. This can lead to a series of issues such as poor memory or being unable to remember even the everyday routine things such as brushing your teeth etc.

In addition to memory loss, you might experience a lack of motivation and focus which is associated with poor oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain. This product claims to overcome both of these major aging symptoms by helping in the regeneration of neurotransmitters that are necessary for a sharp memory. Moreover, this product also claims to overcome the lack of blood flow to the brain and provides necessary oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Of course, all of these effects are produced with the help of the ingredients present in the formula of this supplement which is exactly what we are going to look into next.

Ingredients of IntelliBoost IQ: All-Natural Smart Pill?

As we stated earlier that this product is a herbal based supplement meaning its formula has been made using natural ingredients.

Alpha GPC: This ingredient is also found in the brain of human beings, and it is directly linked with memory sharpening. So consuming this ingredient can help improve the memory of the user.

Ashwagandha: This herb is known to reduce the stress levels from the brain which is extremely important in the modern high paced lifestyle.

Gamma: An essential enzyme required by the brain for proper signal transmission and most importantly it aids the brain cell production.

Niacin: This incredibly essential vitamin B is required by the brain to fulfill its energy needs, and it acts as a key nutrient for the brain.

Benefits of using IntelliBoost IQ: All-Natural Smart Pill

The advantages claimed by the product’s official website are the same as any other nootropic supplement. And just like other brain boosting pills being sold out there this product’s ingredients are also not clinically proven so keep that in mind while going through the claimed benefits.

  1. Helps overcome anxiety and stress which takes the load off your brain and allows you to focus correctly.
  2. Increases memory sharpness and makes you less prone to forgetting important things.
  3. Improves your brains functioning and therefore allows for sharper problem-solving abilities.
  4. Works instantly and there is no waiting time as soon as you take this pill you can expect to feel an increase in brain power.

Problems with IntelliBoost IQ: All-Natural Smart Pill

There are a few important issues with this product other than the fact that this product hasn’t been tested on humans yet.

  1. Price of this product is high, and the free trial of this product is not available almost always.
  2. There aren’t any legit reviews of this product, and the reviews shown on the official website of the supplement seem to be fake.
  3. Side effects of this product aren’t mentioned on either the label or the website of the supplement.

Should you buy IntelliBoost IQ: All-Natural Smart Pill?

This product is not necessarily a scam the reason there is so little info available about this product maybe because it is a new product. So, for now, let’s give it some time to prove itself and as more legit user reviews start to become available, it will be easier to judge this product’s effectiveness.


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