Seralabs CBD Oil Supplement Reviews: Free trial, Scam & Gummies

seralabs cbd

Marijuana or weed is probably the most popular herb in the world but for all the wrong reasons. Although it has plenty of health benefits but people use it for all the wrong reasons which had caused marijuana to get banned in the past. But recently the USA has legalized weed in some states and this has lead to the popularity of CBD oils in states where weed isn’t legalized yet. CBD oil provides the same health benefits as weed but the only difference is that it doesn’t cause the user to get high which makes it legal to use.

Marijuana has only been legalized for the past few years but even in such a short time period supplement market has been overflowing with CBD oils. Now, these oils are used for all kinds of health benefits from improving mental health to boosting appetite. But probably the most important use of CBD oils is for relieving pain and inflammation caused by arthritis which is a joint disorder. There is still a lot of misinformation about CBD oils and people think they are some miracle drug which they definitely aren’t. And in this article, we will do an unbiased and honest review of typical CBD oil so you can get a research-based perspective on how effective these products actually are.

What is Seralabs CBD Oil Supplement?

This supplement is obviously an herbal product since it is claimed to be made from pure hemp plants by the manufacturer. But there is no mention of a manufacturer either on the label or the website of the product which is the case with most CBD products. You might think there is nothing wrong with not mentioning the manufacturer on the label but if something is not right about the product you would want to know who is responsible for it. According to the makers of this oil it is made in an FDA approved facility to ensure the quality of the oil. And the manufacturing method used to make this product is called carbon extraction that makes sure no intoxicating elements make it to the oil and the product is totally free from any high.

Selling method that this product is sold through is online selling and that is the only way you can buy this oil. But instead of Amazon or other popular websites, this product is only sold on the website of the product to make sure that the buyer gets the original product every time. The main goal of this product is to relieve pain and inflammation and it also claims to do this quicker than traditional medicine. This product is not approved by the FDA since it is not a drug so therefore it lacks the approval from an official authority.

How does Seralabs CBD Oil Supplement Works?

There is a lot of misinformation about how CBD oils work to overcome pain and discomfort but we will try to clear up any confusions about the working mechanism of CBD products. To fully understand how CBD oils can reduce the intensity of arthritis pain we need to know the causes of arthritis. Basically, arthritis is a disorder caused by malfunctioning of the body when our immune system mistakes healthy joint tissues for threat and starts attacking them. When healthy joint tissues are attacked by our own immune response it caused tissue damage and extreme pain accompanied by swelling.

CBD oils have ingredients that can override the unnecessary immune response of the body in the joints and helps relieve the pain. Our body has an endocannabinoid system consisting of special CBD receptors that control various functions of the body including the immune system. So by interacting with these nerves this product can theoretically reduce pain and inflammation and may even eliminate arthritis completely according to the website of the supplement. Now with that being said, there isn’t substantial research data that can clearly indicate that it is possible to override the immune response of the body using CBD products.

Ingredients of Seralabs CBD Oil Supplement

Because this product is a CBD extract then obviously it contains CBD that is almost entirely extracted from the pure hemp plant. And it is not possible to decide whether a product is right for you or not without studying its ingredient so let’s analyze this ingredient:

CBD or Cannabidiol: CBD is one of two major components of hemp plant but the reason we are interested in this component of hemp is that it is none intoxicating as opposed to its counterpart THC. THC in hemp is to be blamed for causing high to human beings and when CBD is separated from THC it can not cause any high. Studies have shown that CBD can overcome inflammatory pain much better than normal drugs making it a perfect solution for relieving arthritis-related discomfort.

Benefits of using Seralabs CBD Oil Supplement

  1. Provides instant relief to the user as compared to regular pain-killing drugs that stop working after a while.
  2. Gets rid of the root cause of arthritis instead of just easing the pain.
  3. Does not require any medical prescription, therefore, you can buy it directly without going to the doctor.

Problems with Seralabs CBD Oil Supplement

  1. Since you are not consulting a doctor before buying this oil you are on your own if it doesn’t show results or causes side effects.
  2. There is no mention of any potential allergy symptoms of CBD anywhere on the website of the product while CBD can cause diarrhea and other side effects in people who are allergic to it.
  3. You should not use this product if you have other serious health issues without consulting your doctor first.

Is Seralabs CBD Oil Supplement Legit?

Well from the looks of it and on paper the product looks legit and doesn’t show any signs of scams except for one thing. This product hasn’t generated any user reviews yet which is the best way to know if it has worked for other people or not. So we suggest waiting until we have more user reviews for this oil before buying it.


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