Theramine Joint pain and Chronic Pain Solution: Read Critical thoughts


Theramine is a new unconventional anti pain drug which helps in stiffness, chronic pain, joint problems. It is yet to be assessed that how it may react on people with different conditions. As of now some of its consumers have complained that it caused more joint stiffness and allergic reaction. No doubt they also claimed to be better and smooth joints but some of them have said that its pain could be agonizing in many cases. Instead of taking these capsules regularly they recommend it taking on alternate days.

There is no suspicion on its ingredients as the purity is out of question here as we are only assessing it efficacy on human subjects. Many of them have complained about stiffness, increased heart beat and allergic reaction. But what the theramine supplement claims is treating joint pain without any side effect and high probability of solving the problem due to a very controlled and assessed amount in capsules.


  • Treats joint pain and chronic pain.
  • Helps in joint lubrication and their smooth movement.
  • Natural amino acids in diverse quantities
  • Not Evaluated By FDA
  • Affordable, online and local availability.


There is more research needed to be carried on theramine as most of the words are being told by consumers themselves. While there is very less research carried on it. Yes, its price is low, it benefits the people but at the same time some have seen its negative side too.



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