Therma Tone Keto Ketogenic Weight Loss Supplement Review

therma tone keto

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you start to lose your well-maintained physique. Usually, this problem starts to raise its head as most people reach the age of 40, and their body starts to show signs of aging. Age-related weight gain effects both men and women alike, and that is where the term dad bod originates, which refers to the fat belly middle age men seem to develop. On top of that, middle-aged people don’t have the time or energy to work out and control their weight gain.

There are so many causes of age-related weight gain from the slowing of the metabolism rate to hormonal changes, but this article will mainly focus on the solution for weight gain. You might have already heard about the term keto dieting because this diet technique is the most popular dieting technique of the recent time. It involves eating a low carb diet with certain amounts of healthy fats and protein. If this diet method sounds confusing to you, it’s because it actually is pretty confusing not to mention very difficult as well. So the next best thing would be getting the same benefit of keto dieting but from a weight loss supplement. We are going to review a product that claims to do exactly that so lets put this product to the test.

What is Therma Tone Keto Ketogenic Weight Loss Supplement?

In short, this product is a weight loss supplement that claims to provide the benefits of keto dieting. But the most important part is it claims that by using this product you can skip the carefully measured meals and get the weight loss benefits you would expect from a long and dedicated keto diet plan. This claim seemed too good to be true; that’s why we went undercover to find out whether this claim is actually true. We will analyze this product’s claimed working method, its formula and ingredients, and the pros and cons to help you decide whether it is the right product to spend your money on. As far as the intro of this product is concerned, this supplement is being sold as a natural formula with no side effects. This is a huge plus point because most people avoid using weight loss products due to the fear of side effects.

This supplement is made into easy to swallow pills that one can take with water. There are around 60 pills per bottle, and that should be more than enough for a month at least according to the site. Speaking of the website, this product is only sold online on the official website, making it an online-only supplement. It is recommended not to go looking for online only products in stores because there is a chance you might get scammed with a fake product.

How does Therma Tone Keto Ketogenic Weight Loss Supplement Work?

Before we get to the working mechanism of this product lets the first talk about some key causes of age-related weight gain. First and the foremost change that happens with increasing age is slowing down of the metabolism. And with a slow rate of metabolism, we often end up burning fewer calories and instead they start being stored as fat even if we are eating the same amount of food as before. Muscle mass is also reduced with age and muscles are a great way to burn extra calories quickly, so without muscles, we might end up with more fat since we can’t get rid of it.

In women, menopause causes a shift in hormonal balance, which leads to them gaining extra pounds. So what this product claims to do in order to overcome these issues you ask? Well for starters this product claims to put your body in ketosis which we have hinted at the start of this review. During ketosis, your body starts converting fat into ketones to be used as fuel, so of course, this state is ideal fat burning state to be in. But ketosis isn’t something that comes on automatically it is a survival mechanism of the human body that is there to prevent starvation by using emergency fat reserves in case the food is scarce. But this product is claiming that it can bring about the state of ketosis with the help of its herbal ingredients so the next logical step would be to analyze the ingredients of this pill.

Ingredients of Therma Tone Keto Ketogenic Weight Loss Supplement

This product contains ketones, and they are present to keep your body in the high-fat burning state of ketosis. But ketones are obtained from both natural and artificial source but since this product claims to be a herbal one, let’s assume that the ketones are from a natural source.

BHB or Ketones: Ketones are found naturally in some fruits and ketone salts that are a naturally occurring mineral. The reason this product uses ketones is to increase the number of ketones in the bloodstream to help the user reach ketosis.

But the medical science is skeptical if it is possible for humans to go into ketosis by using exogenous ketones. Because ketosis needs special conditions with specific food intake to kick in, so let’s not get our hopes too high when using this product.

Benefits of using Therma Tone Keto Ketogenic Weight Loss Supplement

  1. The product makes it possible for you to shed pounds without making you exercise or diet for long.
  2. Makes the process of weight loss safer because it contains natural ingredients.
  3. Contains ketones from natural sources to help you reach ketosis.
  4. Does not cause any side effects when losing weight.

Problems with Therma Tone Keto Ketogenic Weight Loss Supplement

  1. The product does not disclose its complete ingredient list, which makes it difficult to judge whether this pill works or not fully.
  2. Science is split whether it is possible to reach ketosis using ketone supplements.


Ketone products are popular, and people claim to benefit from them, but at the same time, these products lack any proper scientific proof.


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