Vanitrol Male Enhancement Review: How good or bad these pills are?


Aging is an inevitable process that affects both men and women differently. While women start to develop wrinkles and their skin begins to sag effects of age on men are more hidden. Aging process attacks the one thing men are most proud of, and that is their manhood. As a man reaches the age of 40, the testosterone production slows down or even stops entirely in some cases. This can lead to poor or weak erections, and in worst case scenario men can also lose the ability to perform completely.

This is an annoying problem that plagues a lot of men and can shatter a man’s confidence. Not only does hormonal imbalance affects men sexually but it also has a great effect on their ability to build muscle and energy levels. But lucky for us, there are plenty of male enhancement solutions available these days that not only claim to restore sexual health but can also increase the testosterone levels in men. But there is always an element of doubt associated with these supplements as they are rumored to be scam or fake. So to get to the bottom of it and find out the facts we are reviewing a fresh entry to the male enhancement market to see what a modern male enhancement supplement is all about.

What is Vanitrol Male Enhancement Supplement?

There is no shortage of male enhancement supplements no matter if you look online or at your local pharmacy. One such latest online-only product is Vanitrol which is sold as a solution for key male sexual health problem called erectile dysfunction. The best way to introduce this supplement is by letting you guys know about its formula. According to our research, this male enhancement formula is herbal or naturally made according to the official website of the product. And there is also a list of ingredients provided by the manufacturer which indeed are potent herbs known for their male enhancement capabilities. The formula can be consumed in the form of pills just like any other medicine or drug, but unlike most drugs, this one is completely natural.

This supplement is designed to be an alternative to expensive treatments and therapies that are usually done for improving erectile dysfunction. And that concludes our overview of this supplement so let’s jump into the working mechanism of this pill and find out what makes this formula tick.

How does Vanitrol Male Enhancement Formula Work?

This formula is herbal based as you have read above which is why its working mechanism is also a bit unique if not strange. According to the manufacturer of this pill, the main reason for poor sexual health and low testosterone in men is lack of proper blood circulation. So keeping that in mind this product claims to increase your blood flow to the penile region and therefore improving the sexual performance.

Now it is true that as men age the blood circulation to the penis does slow down because of narrowing of blood vessels. And this narrowing of vessels prevents proper blood flow to the penile region depriving it of necessary nutrition. And with improper nutrition, it becomes difficult to produce erection and the production of T hormone is also affected negatively.

Ingredients of Vanitrol Male Enhancement Formula

Of course, a product is judged on the bases of what’s inside it, and that is exactly what we are going to analyze now. Here is the claimed natural formula of this product according to the website of this pill.

L-Arginine: It is a naturally occurring amino acid responsible for keeping the blood flowing properly throughout the body. And by consuming this ingredient, it can help widen the narrowed blood vessels, therefore, improving the blood supply to the penile muscles.

Bioperine: This ingredient helps in the absorption of amino acids from the foods and aids in the blood circulation in the body.

Horny Goat Weed Extract: This ancient herb has been used since ages to improve sex drive and treat sexual dysfunctions in men.

Korean Red Ginseng: There isn’t a lot of information available about how this ingredient works but this herb is known for its ability to increase sexual stamina and energy levels in men.

Benefits of using Vanitrol Male Enhancement Formula

There are plenty of claimed benefits for this product just like any other company would market their product. It is obvious that a company will claim plenty of benefits for their products, but according to our research, the benefits mentioned on the website of this pill aren’t tested or proven.

  1. Helps increase sexual energy and stamina by restoring the testosterone levels to normal.
  2. Contains an all-natural collection of ingredients that make sure you are not putting any chemicals in your body.
  3. Does not cause any side effects that are normally a risk when using artificially made products.
  4. Can improve the size of your manhood, therefore, increasing the pleasure for both you and your partner.
  5. Increases libido in men and keeps them ready whenever needed.
  6. Helps in muscle production as testosterone is a major hormone that controls and promotes muscle mass.


  1. Does not mention any side effects which might mean that the product is not tested on humans yet.
  2. Not available at stores making the purchasing process difficult and time-consuming.
  3. There aren’t a lot of user reviews for this product so we can’t make sure if it really works or not.

Should you buy Vanitrol Male Enhancement Formula?

Well, there is no shortage of male enhancement supplements in the market that are even providing that provide free trials of their product. So you have to stop and wonder why would you choose a product that doesn’t even let you test a product before buying it.

It is a good choice for people who prefer naturally made supplements but with that being said natural formulas are not known for their effectivity. So the decision is up to you if you are willing to buy this natural formula to test it out or not.


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