Whole Greens CBD Oil Review: Side effects, Price, Pills and Scam

whole greens cbd oil

CBD oils are no doubt a great source of pain and stress relief for people all over the world. Hemp extracts have even managed to catch the eye of mainstream media and shows such as shark tank. These products differ in purity depending upon the manufacturing process and quality of raw material used in the making of the product. The reason for this quality difference in that hemp plant contains a lot of cannabinoids other than CBD, and all of them have their own benefits for human health. These kinds of products with trace amounts of various components of the hemp plant are known as full spectrum CBD extracts.

And these products are naturally more effective since they contain additional nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Not to mention full spectrum CBD products also contain some amounts of THC which is totally absent from normal CBD extracts. But the amount of THC is kept less than 3 percent which is so low that you can’t really feel the intoxicating effects of THC. Now that you know what full spectrum CBD oils are and how they are different from normal CBD extracts the next question that pops in the mind is, do they perform better? Well to answer this question the best way is to review a full spectrum product to see the functionality and decide whether they are worth buying or not.

What is Whole Greens CBD Full Spectrum Oil Supplement?

Cannabis plants specifically its hemp variety contains as much as 100 compounds according to various studies and this product we are reviewing today contains up to 80 of these components. The other 20 compounds are either not too useful, or they are challenging to extract. The company claims that the plants used to extract the ingredients of this product are grown in controlled conditions and are potent and effective. These ingredients are said to be more effective in combination rather than separately. The product does not contain any chemicals or synthetic ingredients; therefore it is less likely to produce side effects.

Company is offering these full spectrum CBD oils in 500mg packs which should last you a fairly modest time. A dropper aids usage of the product that you get with the product making it easier for you to count the number of drops you are supposed to take. The supplement is only available online meaning there isn’t any outlet for this product so make sure you don’t get a fake product. This product is designed to promote sleep and improve your overall health and well being because CBD controls so many different functions of our body. That was it for the introductions of this product now let’s get to the functioning of this supplement.

How does Whole Greens CBD Full Spectrum Oil Supplement Work?

Unlike normal CBD products that interact with a certain type of nerve receptors the multiple cannabinoids and other compounds present in this product work together to improve the overall performance of our body. This combined effect is known as the entourage effect, and all the compounds of cannabis plant provide their health benefits to the user. Each compound of hemp relies on the other to maximize its effect on the body. For example, this produce contains CBD along with some trace amounts of THC which means that THC aids the functioning of CBD.

The combined effect of both of these ingredients makes sure that the interaction of this supplement and your nervous system yields the most effective results possible. By stimulating a wider range of nerve receptors, this product can increase the sleep quality by relaxing the brain. Moreover, by regulating the stress levels of the body, this product improves the sleeping patterns and helps you develop a sleep cycle.

Ingredients of Whole Greens CBD Full Spectrum Oil Supplement

Since this product is not in the form of capsules that take longer to dissolve in the body and take effect the time it takes to start working is pleasantly short. And of course this supplement produces all these effects with the help of its ingredients which we will review below:

CBD: It is a major cannabinoid present in the hemp plant, and it is used for treating various mental health disorders due to its ability to interact with nerves and neurons. This ingredient is extremely popular since ancient times, and recent studies have confirmed the health benefits of this product.

THC: It is another key ingredient of this supplement, but its concentration is kept very low so that it doesn’t produce the intoxicating effect which it is notorious for. This ingredient is also linked with improved sleep and mood as well as pain relief.

Benefits of using Whole Greens CBD Full Spectrum Oil

  1. This product is made from high-quality hemp making it extremely potent and effective as compared to low-quality products.
  2. Improves sleep and promotes a calm state of mind which is essential when it comes to long-lasting sleep patterns.
  3. Does not contain any side effects because it is made from a plant;, therefore, it is safer than other drug based alternatives.
  4. Product is made, and the ingredients are also sourced from the USA to ensure the top quality.
  5. Does not cause the user to get high because THC is kept at an extremely low level.
  6. Makes sure that you get all the benefits of the hemp plant and not just the benefits of CBD.

Problems with Whole Greens CBD Full Spectrum Oil

Since this product is a relatively new one, there aren’t any user reviews for this product available on social media which is a bit annoying, but apart from this there are other issues as well such as:

  1. No free trial available for testing this product since it is an online-only supplement.
  2. The stock of this product is low meaning you might get delayed delivery.
  3. There are similar fake products being sold, so it is easy to get scammed so be very careful.


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